Kenneth Cloggie

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Practice Profile

Kenneth Cloggie calls to the Bar having previously qualified as a solicitor-advocate. He holds qualifications in Forensic Medicine and Advanced Advocacy (National Institute for Trial Advocacy). He was appointed to the first team of Public Defenders in the UK. He has conducted over 250 trials, including jury trials, many of which were complex and highly sensitive. He has represented solicitors’ interests at the Scottish Parliament, Law Society and Scottish Courts Service.

Kenneth has 25 years experience of case analysis, evidential reasoning and Court craft. He has an ability to distil and explain the most complex issues, allowing him to focus on the evidence required to successfully persuade the Court or jury towards the desired outcome.

Most at home in the Courtroom, Kenneth believes passionately in the right of every person to litigate their case to the full.

Publications & Seminars

Better the Devil You Know Seminar - Cross Examination / Crossezoomination - is there really a difference? - 24th June 2020