Craig Allardice

Year of Call
Devil Masters
The Rt Hon Lord Bonomy
Sheriff C J Harris QC
Frances J McMenamin QC

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Practice Profile

Craig practised as a solicitor for seven years before calling to the Bar in 1990. He is a very experienced Court of Session practitioner and has a special interest in all forms of reparation including professional negligence. He qualified as a mediator more than 20 years ago.

Throughout his practice, Craig has enjoyed several sabbaticals. His most recent was for a period of nearly two years when he sailed around the world.

Craig has been involved in many cases, proofs, procedure rolls, appeals and jury trials in the Court of Session and proofs, appeals and debates in the Sheriff Courts. Many have been reported over the years and many more unreported.

Education & Professional Career to Date

Diploma in Legal Practice
LLB (Edinburgh University)

Selected Cases

  • Penman v RGC Plc 1994 SLT 805

    An older case but still remains one of the highest ever solatium awards for PTSD

  • Church Commissioners for England v Etam Plc 1997 S.C.116

    Stated case from arbiter before the 1st Division relating to rent review provision in a lease potentially affecting many hundreds of properties

  • English v North Lanarkshire Council 1999 S.C.L.R. 310

    Now a leading authority on the interpretation of European Directive based regulations

  • Donnelly v FAS Products Limited, Lord Brodie 19th March 2004

    Lord Brodie made an award including an element of £120,000 in respect of the future costs of a prosthetic hand

  • Carmichael v Isola Werke, Jury Trial reported at 2005 Rep.LR

    The jury made an award including an element of £31,000 in respect of the future costs of prosthetic fingers

  • Marinello v Edinburgh City Council 2011 S.C. 736

    One of the first Scottish cases under the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997

Publications & Seminars

Has accepted invitations to deliver lectures in Dublin, Paris, Brussels, Cyprus and the U.S.

Additional Information

Worked as an International mediator on Conflict Resolutions as well as with EU Institutions.

Speaks Spanish